Does geographic matter when posting ? I just moved to mexico ! help

I am currently in mexico and have a mexico phone number. majority of my tik tok is in spanish.

when I am posting. I am posting english content and it’s not popping like it was.

having the same issue as well with youtube.

do you think I need to it’s becsuse I have recently moved to mexico and now it’s picking it up at a different location or something ?

do you also think I should just get a vpn changer ?

thanks !

sim card determines where the posted video is viewed.

vpn, proxy won’t help. The app reads sim cards details.

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Yes exactly, if you want to target USA, just order a pre paid SIM card and insert it on your phone. Using low quality vpns will only flag your account.

and u don’t need to verify that card. Just insert it to your device and voila. It will read automatically.

Awesome - do you think that could be the issue ?

Posting english content daily prolly doesnt help here in mexico I guess?

I also have my canadian sim cad as well? so just pop that in when I am posting content?

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Yes, that is important.

Damn , I thought VPN or proxy is a must, so US SIM is all it matters?

Real sim is better than a vpn hands down.