Does IG block hashtag traffic in certain countries/niches?

Hey, for the past 5 months I have been living in Malaysia. While growing my pages, there was 1 account of me that grabbed my attention. One of my accounts, a lingerie/nude photography accounts, didn’t receive any traffic through hashtags anymore. While the other accounts, that were also on a malaysian IP (my phone), did get traffic trough hashtags. This was so annoying, and I know that this could also be a shadowban. I also know that the malaysian government blocks porn (guilty), maybe they have an agreement with Instagram? Sounds too much like a conspiracy theory, but idk.

Funny Thing: The first picture I posted from my phone when I was back in Europe, did get traffic through hashtags.

What are your thoughts on this?

I’m in malaysia as well, my babes account gets traffic through hashtags though.
Maybe you could get a thai or singaporean proxy from @HenryCooper and try.
It’s literally next to malaysia and won’t cause much of an issue in timing and location differences

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If you’re posting nude photos, people could be reporting the photos and therefore, your account gets shadowbanned.