Does IG detect the same video?

Hello everyone,
If I post the same video using many accounts - can IG detect it ? Or IG can only detect if the same image ?

Yes of course they can. You have to alter it.

Yes they can. Their AI is built to detect stuff like that.

Pictures (like any other file) are comprised of a lines of code. To put it in simpler terms, If you open an image file in notepad you will be able to see the code of that image. Now go ahead and alter it/slightly modify it (not the code itself as it will break it, but resize the image with any image editor software for example). You will notice that the original code of that image completely changed, or a very large percentage of the image code doesn’t match the first original image anymore. This way you’re tricking the algorithm that you’re bringing a new file (image) to the table.

Now, they’ve developed all sorts of complex image recognition algorithms to stop people from reposting same photos, same memes etc. This algorithm can detect objects by shapes, forms an colors in photos and then match them with other simmilar pictures in an attempt to find those that are different in code but are actually the same image. To run all this heavy algorithm they need a very powerful computer (there are billions of pictures being posted daily on these platforms). There are just a few quantum computers out there and both facebook and google have them.

Same goes for video files. But with videos being a much complex files with allot of lines of code, it’s very hard for the algorithm to determine if you’re using the same exact video or not once you alter it.

I did some tests on FB Business Suite (the new Creator Studio) the other day. I downloaded an original reel from instagram and without altering it i tried uploading it and posting it on an account of mine. It stopped me right there on the spot once i uploaded the video it knew almost instantly that it’s a reel that already exists on their platform. However, once i altered the video (repacked it) all the reposting tries on multiple instagram accounts were successful and didn’t see any repercussions whatsoever on reach and engagement on them.

So as @heroeslair said above, altering it is the way to go. :+1: