Does IG only target US or English bots?

Just a thought as my various bot attempts are all blocked. Some people claim to still have success with bots… my question is: are these folks outside of the USA or using a different language than english? It just struck me that due to the FB Russian influence nightmare of the past US pres election that FB (IG) may be targeting US bots because of the possible backlash that could occur from foreign governments using bots to influence elections.


Most people in the forums work outside the US… IG targets everyone.

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It’s indeed global. EU here

All World :slight_smile: And Cosmos

my clients are from south america. Still blocked

For sure country plays a big part

I think people in Western Europe and North America are the safest

But who knows :open_hands: only the developers at IG know the real red flags :cn:

im from israel being blocked and comprmissed

Global, all accounts affected

It is worldwide, everyone has been affected