Does Ig require verify before signup now?

noticed Im being asked to verify email. does the fake email method not work anymore?

As much as I remember, IG always asked to verify your email when signing up for new account.
What you mean by fake email? and dot trick?

Just until a few weeks ago it was possible to signup an account by using a tempmail emails or similar temporary inbox providers. Actually perfect for short-term scraping or spamming accounts. But now it’s not working anymore, tried it myself. I can’t remember why exactly, but it was either that they got instant captcha/24 hours review or the code didn’t arrived.

A few months ago it didn’t ask to verify the email right away and you could use fake emails and create them later .

to be honest, I didn’t know that, never tried using non-existing email to register. I always used real email, and gmail dot trick.


yeah it was a nice trick while it lasted. I hate blowing through gmails and phone numbers.

Dot trick does not work anymore?

Technically that is still a receivable email handle.

Yes this is a very important process. Verification tells you are genuine.

sucks it was not required when i did this a few months ago :frowning:

no, says email already taken