Does Instagram decrease organic reach if you do F/UF?

My reach from feed dropped after I stopped doing M/S and then after a few weeks without posting it decreased even more, now I don’t have time and budget for M/S and I was thinking about just doing manual F/UF from main. So I’m wondering does Instagram decrease your organic reach as a punishment if you do F/UF or it’s a myth?
Personally I didn’t notice connection between reach drops and F/UF in previous years, but your opinions and experience will be very appreciated

The only thing that is the Problem here is that you promoted your account with M/S and then stopped. Then you saw your Reach without Promotion. And without new people coming in it only goes down.

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Thank you for answering! I just don’t understand why even reach from feed (from my own followers) went down too, like I understand that overall reach and amount of likes been better because new people were coming and see stuff from profile, some follow,some not, and then its goes down after stopping M/S, but I thought that reach from followers should stay the same :frowning:

A lot of followers are only there because you interacted with them. You stopped, they stopped.
Its not that easy to have a stable reach / Engagement rate

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no there is no relation, F and U is a normal behavior that has existed since IG launch, just make sure that it’s within the resaon and don’t overdo it because that will cause future issues and blocks

No, it’s not affecting directly, but if you overuse it and use it unreasonably or unsafely then you can expect your accounts trust score to drop down which will then affect to all other aspects no just on your organic reach.

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