Does Instagram Follow Links On Landing Pages?

Trying to get back into some CPA/CPI on IG and not having much luck with adding website links to profiles.

I’m trying to save money (when trying new niches) so instead of buying a whole bunch of domains, I’m using the same domain. Then creating a weebly subdomain, and putting a button on there like “Click here for more XXXXX” and linking to my real landing page.

Tried switching things up a few times now and still the account seems to get banned. So are their systems clicking the links and finding the real domain/landing page or something?

I don’t believe they’re “clicking” the link but they surely “scan” the pre lander and find your domain name there which is probably already blacklisted.

Maybe shortening domain with or then adding that link to your button will work better, unless bastards track that too :slight_smile: but I highly doubt.

Also, the domain you’re linking to, is it redirected to CPA offers?

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It’s an OGAds + Instagram page so I guess it’s CPI :stuck_out_tongue: Although maybe it’s CPA when viewed from the desktop… or I’m not sure what that is anyways.

Anyways :stuck_out_tongue: I’m kind of thinking that too. I tried the shortening part and putting as the button too, but still didn’t seem to work.

Maybe I’ll try out your Facebook pre-lander method instead. Or maybe see if I can make something undetectable like a flash page.

Please dont


Anyway if you’re that concerned whether they actually click into it, setup statcounter and if you see facebot then that’s your answer.

Your issue is quite likely using of weebly etc

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Ok. I guess I was thinking of something like Wix, which I thought used flash. But I guess flash is a no-go for mobile… or maybe they don’t use it anymore :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve used them before a while back for landing pages, and seemed like I never had any issues with getting banned. Thought it was because it was flash and IG couldn’t read it. I stopped using it though because they always have this stinking message at the top of every page saying something like “This is a free Wix site”.

I’ll try out that statcounter and see what’s going on. Didn’t think Weebly would be an issue because I thought there would be regular people out there with legit websites using them too.

I guess I just have to try finding a good method for landing pages then.