Does instagram look at your email provider?

So I bought a bunch of email verified accounts and I was wondering if I should change the email provider to something of my own? These are all made with a russian email. Does IG look at your email provider?

If yes, where in the warm up process would you change it?

Some says yes, but in reality NO. What matters it’s the creation process and IP.

E.g. Mail ru it’s the Russian gmail, used by Russians and all connected countries (Hundreds of Million peps) do u really think IG would block all these peps?

Personally i’ve 99,9% success rate even with mail ru, based on couple thousand accs created.

That’s same BS as aged (non-used) accounts thing. Just to rip u off more moni.


Top insight, thanks for sharing. There are so many opinions about this subject, even on this forum. 1000 accounts of proof is enough for me to be convinced :slight_smile:

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Like @Bartholomeo said, a lot of people have different opinions on this. Some say is bad some say it doesn’t matter etc.

I mean it would make more sense if your signing up from the US to use a US based email address.

I always used gmail when I created accounts … Near 100 … None disabled. Last year I bought 100 .ru accounts and everyone are history. I think not so much the email but as @Bartholomeo mentioned the creation of them I think are the key. After all many in that region of the world are real normal people with real lives using social media and doubt the folks at Facebook or other sites want to just delete them at a whim


i think emails are factors, but not a major factors , just as last check factor after failing some factors

i think maybe that is how it works

Proxy = Suspicious
API Requests = hit limits twice a week, Suspicious
Bio = good
avatar = good
Posts = 10 in 3 months = bad
PV = number is VoIP = suspicious
Email : Gmail = lets give him some time maybe 2 weeks
Email : mailru = NO BAN HIM NOW !!!


I would not point as “ru gmail”. Cuz by default Gmail is much better. In the first case its a “local” company and in the second one its a huge worldwide company.

I absolutely agree with this and i also never faced issues related exactly to the email provider attached with the account. But: at some forum, I’ve seen a thread where one guy took 20 accs. First 10 of them had attached email and the last 10 and run all of them for 1000 follows using same proxy provider.

The first bunch of accounts got action block at the level of 650 follows and the second bunch at the level of 750. So i can’t say the difference is super big, but its a fact.


I think what comes into play is that IG know that most spammers use, so I could imagine when IG detects an account that could potentially be a bot, does indeed play a role, but only after all the other factors for botting are met…
Nothing official, but I could imagine it working like this…

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No, it doesn’t matter, unless you’re using actually spammed email providers.

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they look & listen (thru any device with a speaker) at ur search history checking what you search so they can configure their ads to work properly.

Won’t be surprised they start scanning ur personal photos / text messages in the future.

They want full control over the world. The people with power have nothing else to do but to manipulate & change the world how they want it to be.

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I like this. I have a friend who works in security for a tech company (not anything relevant to this forum) and told me how the job has really affected their views of Russians since all the people trying to do blackhat stuff have Russian emails…but after I started botting now I know that they probably aren’t all Russians!


Do NOT use or your own email domains for creating IG accounts, you will be banned very soon

Only register with gmail hotmail yahoo and live mail.

Nah… There is no problem with as long as the creation process is good. What really sucks with yahoo is that you sometimes cannot login without pv or safety mail. So if you buy the accs you won’t have access to any of these.

Make an account with a .edu email and you will see that IG cares about the provider. But like others said it’s really about the big picture and your account overall. The more real your account looks and acts, the better.

that’s interesting. Where do you have this information from? And where do you buy .edu accs? :slight_smile:

You can buy them in various places online (just search), but they aren’t very cost effective for mass use. I was able to warm up to pretty aggressive settings in a few days (800 follows / day) on a fresh account. Eventually I did get banned (it’s all about looking natural).

have you been banned within the first two weeks of account creation?

For following aggressively yes…

Xinxin stop saying BS and tryna to sell/spamming around (even un-professionally).


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