Does Instagram penalize depending on Direct use?

I was wondering if people who use automated Direct messages are penalized with lower visibility by Instagram. I personally don’t use this service but I copy and paste a lot, I’m wondering if Instagram monitors this.

If you copy and paste a lot, Instagram will consider that suspicious behavior and eventually temp block you from using DM’s. Too much repetition is a bad thing. Try to make your DM’s sound more original with each one sent.


For that kind of stuff , I just think authenticity is better. Dms are kinda like comments, the more personal the better the outcome will be than just putting the same thing in multiple times

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I’ll do that, thanks a lot

The DMs are authentic, I just get the same questions over and over so I find it easier to have the responses ready. But i’ll try to change them up

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DM’s doesn’t reduce visibility,just gets you banned if you do to many …to fast…to long. stay to 20 - 30 a day per account spread over many hours. They carry a high risk as does comments. I stopped using them because I was getting temp bans everyday…and greatly put my accounts at risk.

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When using them you mean DMs in general, any kind? Do you think people flagged your for spam?

i can’t reply to that because I stopped using DMs months ago. I do not want to risk it.

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