Does Instagram review accounts manually?

I was thinking about this the other day: with hundreds of millions of users, how is it possible for IG to have enough people to moderate the platform? Lets say i report someone; will it be reviewed by AI technonology, or people will actually look at it? I’ve read Instagram has 5k employees. That’s a very tiny number for so much action going on.

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I don’t think they review accounts manually, IG/FB has the most advanced AI system to take care of everything, but I think there are some situations where the accounts need to pass some stages to be reviewed manually (I think they do that for the bigger pages, I don’t think they will do that for accounts with few followers).

there must be some artificial intelligence working behind all these functions.

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I also don’t think they would let people do the reviews manually since that is a lot of tedious work.

Have you tried to report something on FB (since they are the same company as IG that’s why I use this as a sample)? When I report posts for violence or abuse, the reviews always send me a general reply that ‘this does not go against our community standards’ even if it’s very evident on the post itself that there’s violence/abuse.


Experienced the same thing so many times. While I do understand that it’s near impossible to review accounts manually, they have to find a more effective way of training the AI to moderate the platform.

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Definitely, an AI is reviewing all the reports. If it has violated Facebook’s Community Standards, then his or her account will be disabled. Depending on the offense, the account could be disabled permanently

well, there’s a documentary on Facebook employing people to review flagged content so it wouldn’t be too far fetched to have at least some human oversight on reports. It’s likely 99% of the work is done by AI but there might be a person overlooking its performance or rather multiple people. IG has 5.2k+ employees which is not a lot compared to the users so it is physically impossible to review all the reports by a person.

Just because IG has 5k employees does not mean they don’t outsource some stuff. They can easily outsource tasks.

Either way, true, it’s probably some AI checking reports and if the AI is confused and/or post is deemed violating the guidelines then a human will check it. I figure it’s something like that.

Also why tf do they need 5k employees for anyway.

there is no way they have actual people to review accounts and issues they are using a very complex algorithm and a very smart one but at the same time it still make errors and issues hence the users to moderate it daily.

I agree with Luca. I think algorithms are doing all the job.