Does it affect your account if you don't use it a lot?

Ok, guys, this is the question am managing my accounts from the studio creator I do almost everything there and am just wondering does it affect that I don’t log in with a phone and engage in other accounts.
If I start creating more accounts and linking them up to a FB page where I have access to the account so everything I post is with the studio creator except when I use the stories.
Am not sure if Instagram is gonna punish my reach or engagement.

If you have any insight much appreciated

How long are you doing this and did you notice any drop in engagement or reach?
It’s not like you’re not active at all, you’re still posting. Of course, it’s always better to engage with audience, it won’t harm you to login every now and then and like some comments on your posts at least.

Or you can do that with Jarvee. Set it up to like comments on your post, like couple of posts of your followers every now and then…

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so its good to like my own followers posts? not only the people who I follow?

Why not, you’re trying to get their attention, right? People online tend to return favor…

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Don’t forget about the long-time-no-see notification

“flirtyslut has posted for the first time in a while. Tap to see what’s popping.”
“flirtyslut has posted in their stories for the first time in a while. Tap to see what’s popping.”

but I think you should never stop posting whatsoever.

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