Does Jarvee account creator work well? How?

Hi, I’m in constant need of new accounts and it’s getting expensive.

  • As of today, does Jarvee account creator work well?
  • Can I create accounts with fake email and no phone number? I don’t really care about the quality if I can create them for cheap/free.
  • What else should I know about it? I’ve never used Jarvee before.

Thank you!

yes Jarvee IG creator works correctly, you should be using real emails so that you can confirm the account email after the creation, you have the option to either use email or phone number to create accounts and you should have proxies.

Yes, it’s working well. I created a couple of accounts using the tool today. You need to use valid email address to create accounts or set Jarvee to use phone verification. When you have “use phone verification” checked, you can leave the email field empty. You also need to use high-quality proxies for account creation.

Thank you @Luca & @ossi, if you don’t mind a few more questions:

  • Which email provider do you recommend that could be easily automated too?
  • If I choose phone I guess I need to also verify with a code, right? Which is better/cheaper, email or phone?
  • I’ve seen some accounts being sold that come with a fake email. Is it possible to create them like this? I don’t really care about the quality of the account as long as it lasts a few hours.

Thank you!

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Don’t know why but since yesterday ALL the accounts I’m trying to create are going into Captcha and then Phone Verification without just do an Email Verification and that’s it :frowning:
Does anybody face that too?

Well, if you are having problems with real emails, try a virtual SIM card provider.
Since you are looking for scrapers that may last for a few hours, I think you should need these

  1. Virtual Phone number Provider
  2. Lots of made up emails :smiley:
  3. High Quality Mobile Proxy (I’m creating accounts with DC proxies and still work fine and those accounts lasts more than few hours for sure :D)

Let me know if you need any help