Does paid Instagram advertising ruin reach

Hey all me again!

I’m wondering if u have used paid advertising on the Instagram platform like promote posts etc, does it ruin the reach of posts for ever onwards ?

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It’s known that IG ads will kill - to some extend - a part of your reach, to get you in a loop of purchasing more to keep your ER high. I never really felt it untill now as I rarely use them myself, but many users complained about it. I would say to stay away from them if you can afford it.

If it’s all about sales tho, it’s an other story :slight_smile:

There’s always a feeling that it might lower reach (you know: that first low performing post after an ad campaign always seems like the end of the world!), but I just can’t see it being a big deal.

You have lower reach, then you push through it with good content and everything gets back to normal. It’s not permanent.

My thoughts? Maybe poor ad targeting or ill-defined outcomes result in new followers that aren’t as engaged with your page. They’re new, so they get sent things first by the algorithm, which then thinks your content isn’t worth pushing to everyone else.

But this is where there’s a different story:

I would not use Sponsored ads if you are an influencer or just want to promote your content. If your content is truly amazing and unique it will find viewers don’t worry, in most cases, people think their content is good but in reality, it’s not.

Instagram advertising is best for business accounts that are selling products or services, it is expensive but targeting and features you have can’t compare with automation or anything else.

So, for Influencer who want more organic traffic (Automation, M/S, blog articles in relevant niche websites, shoutouts and connection with real people in your niche)
Business accounts offering products and services (Instagram ads)

That’s how I would do it.

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In my opinion : YES.

when you use the post-promotion you will need to keep on using that most of the time, it’s an IG function created and supported by IG it will help you reach a new audience. the damage will not be that big but the conversion will be good.

In my opinion, I think it does not hurt because if you do it well, you will gain more followers those new followers (if they are not mass followers) next time that you will post they will see your post and will engage (if your content is good). All of us know that the next 2 or 3 posts after promotion the reach becomes lower but it will pass and I think ads are the shippest way to gain followers nowadays.

Sorry to tell you this, but it’s definitely not the case. Ads are good for sales, but very expensive when it comes to getting (the right) followers.

I don’t think so because they want you to pay for ads so I don’t think they would make anything to turn you away from paying for them.

Good to know :slight_smile: , can you tell us a way more shipper to gain the right followers?
Thank you

Well, there’s no shortcut for that. Either you :

  • Have an exceptional talent / content and grow via Repost pages featuring you / Explore, etc
  • Have big social connexions / collabs
  • Play with Shout outs
  • Play with M/C

I honestly don’t detail much about these strategies as I only use M/C right now (which can go pretty low with rates < 0.15 $ / follower if everything is setup properly).

Its myth.
It doesnt.

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i tested this with a client, she was getting 100 organic likes (from non followers), then did ads, they jumped to 250~, kept it that way for a month then stopped paying for ads. organic likes dropped to 30. it went back up to 100 after around a month. posting and content was consistent throughout.
so yea it does kill your reach, but not forever

Agreed. People tend to make some claims even tho they haven’t tested it enough and don’t have enough experience about it.

That’s what most users here experienced aswell. They’re pretty smart. Just lower your reach for some time, to make you think about purchasing more & more ads, but not for too long in order to keep you on the platform.

It’s not the only thing I’ve noticed that goes that way. Alalala. Zuck :slight_smile:

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