Does Paypal Buyer protection also protect services?

I am about to outsource some work to third party and he wants me to pay directly through Paypal rather than going through Upwork since Upwork take some fee from services provided. So,Does Payapal Buyer protection also protect for services?

I have no firsthand knowledge, but you might want to contact PayPal customer service and ask them via email or phone. I’m fairly sure PayPal protection would be in place

The fee is worth it for the protection. If you’re going to be doing it long term you might so off their system, but start out using Upwork to be safe. If they insist on going off Upwork, I’d report them. In my experience with Paypal, it could go either way. But they don’t verify whether or not a service was provided, and Upwork does.

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Hmm… I remember that BrandonBerner ever say that Paypal protection is siding much more to the buyer compared to the seller

That’s been the case for years, but not always. Better safe than sorry.

But 20%/10% is quite a lot especially since I am looking for long term relationship

Upwork is charging a 20% to the freelancer. I also ask my clients to work directly with me after the first job. If the buyer pays via ‘goods and services’ they are protected by Paypal.

Yeah, that is what I do as well

I would suggest hiring them for a small test on upwork so you can build trust, and they can quickly get a good review on their profile to boost their upwork success score. After that you could move to paypal, and both parties would be happy.

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Well… the seller already have some good review on upwork…

As someone that has only 5-star reviews, I’m always looking for another way to get one! This is because if you complete a job and the client doesn’t leave you a review at all then that is factored into your client success score as a 0 and really brings it down. Meanwhile, if you can get a score of 90% then it puts you on the “top rated” program which will bring in a lot more work. Hope that helps and makes sense :slight_smile:

Wait, not leaving review is considered “zero”?? I have to say OMG. What happens if the client is someone who is lazy to leave review?

Exactly! It’s horrible in my opinion. I try and ask each client for a good review before the contract ends, but have still had two 0’s come in, and destroy my success score.

Oh, so that is what top-rated mean huh?? luckily e-commerce do not have that or it will be another additional work to do.

Can the buyer change the review after he submits the review?

Yes they can! But often once a contract ends, they are often unresponsive.

Does Paypal Buyer protection also protect services?


They don’t?
If you have terms and conditions and a dozen of proofs that you did your service well… and the client should not be refunded, they will not refund.

But I suggest that you build reputation first for the next 6 months. If you have more money coming in than refunds and reports, they will protect your business. And lastly, you have to have those PayPal Business account set up properly.

In my case, out of $11k, I have refunded $400 (because the customers were nasty). But when a customer tried to troll after giving the service I offered, and opened a case in resolution centre, I did not refund and I have my template ready for this kind of customers. PayPal did not refund.

But for services without much great reputation, you can easily have this refunded specially, as a buyer, you have great reputation too (buys a lot with PayPal). Also, if I am not mistaken, your country’s policy with goods and services also have to be taken to consideration by them.

This is just my experience.

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Agreed. There are plenty of scammers on Upwork. It’s best to keep things on Upwork at least until you build trust. My sister-in-law was scammed as a worker because she agreed to go off Upwork for payment.

From the Paypal website - “not digital items or services”

Yeah, I also see that. But when I was about to send money (right after i post this question), it says both goods and services is protected and I remember Brandonberner ever says that he was scammed and had his money returned by bad buyers claiming that they did not receive service so i just assume that Paypal protection does cover services

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