Does powerlikes work for videos?


I have been using a powerlikes service for my photography account. The accounts giving likes are of very high quality and the result I got has been good, but not amazing. I think that’s simply because my content is not viral material, even if they are very nice pictures. :sunglasses:

Now I am starting another account featuring short funny videos which I believe have much more potential to go viral. The only concern is: if I use the same powerlikes service, but the accounts who like the post probably won’t watch the video at all, would the powerlikes still have any effect? (say: I receive 200 likes from “power accounts” in half an hour but almost zero views from the same accounts). And if for example there are hundreds of likes in short time but only 20 views in the same time, wouldn’t the account be flagged by IG easily?

Thank you a lot in advance!


Sometimes IG is slow on updating the reach tab, I post videos and pictures and the likes and views are always higher than the impressions/reach in the beginning :smiley:


In theory, they work for the likes portion of a video, but won’t guarantee you any views. Powerlikes and like exchanges in general are all done via the API so the accounts liking the posts do not even see the posts while doing so. There is no physical view recorded. I resell fuelgroups as part of my monthly management service, and have a few clients who post videos. They get a few hundred extra views due to the post in general getting more exposure but from the powerlikes themselves, I wouldn’t bet on any impressions.


Hey thank you so much for your clear explanation which came from real experience! So for videos, are like+comment numbers the only things which really matters for top in hashtags or reaching explore page? I mean, does view counts matter at all?

And has any of your clients have their accounts flagged because of the big difference in views and likes (I mean it certainly doesn’t look natural at all when there are much more likes than views)?

Thanks a lot again!


I throttle my clients. Depending on how many followers they have. I believe the average likes you’d get daily from fuelgroups is 2-3k, but if a client has 1k followers I only have their account in 1 round of likes. They should get 300-400 from the earliest round of the day. As they grow with me, I increase how many rounds their account participates in. Also I’m not sure what all goes into video ranking, but likes and comments do help to some degree. It’s overall engagement, so lack of views may hurt you. I let a client know he’d likely want to purchase video views if he kept posting videos while under my management, so it’d look more authentic. I think most of my clients are more so after social proof/credibility rather than a massive organic following, which is hard to achieve as most of them are personal accounts/want to be influencers.


When you post post videos on Instagram media, people views and likes your video and content information. To get huge numbers of powerlikes on videos means instagram make your videos more visible among the global audience. To get more likes on video, it depends on numbers of followers. get huge numbers of followers make your videos more popular by provide likes or views.


Thank you a lot for the answer. Sorry I was moving home, so I didn’t have time to check message boards etc.

So do you think buying views would hurt your account growth, just like buying followers/likes might do?


To some degree yes, but not as bad as followers and likes.


Thank you man for the answer again. So what would you suggest, should I ever buy views or not? For long-term health of my account, probably I shouldn’t buy any fake stuff. But without them, would it be possible to grow by just creating good content? I mean, I don’t wanna risk doing F/U even manually in today’s IG environment.


I think they’re good for social proof, but if you buy them right after posting IG will punish you for fake views. Let it run it’s course for a day or so, then buy fake views to make the account look more valuable. The more social proof you have, the more likely people will want to follow.


Thank you man!