Does removing followers work?

Hi everyone.
Does anyone has experience about removing some followers to target your account to a specific locations/countries?
For example i have 25k followers, i have 20% of UK based audience. I have experienced that the percentage usually stay constant. For example if you get 500 new followers daily, 25% of the new followers will be in UK because your posts will reach to UK users in explore page as this percentage .
The question is if i remove followers from the other countries, and make UK audience higher percentage does it stay constant when my account grow daily?

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Removing followers that not active is working. it increase your engagement rate

Are you using an automation service? if yes, you can use as many tools as you can that they offer. Try targeting your sources as closer to your niche as you can.

Also, make sure to post some quality, related to your niche content.

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There are many agencies that offer this service, for me it worked

Can you explain how they do it?

You can can use Jarvee and use the remove follower option

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Removing followers work to kill account – fact, i will challenge anyone to explain it does not.
the greatest way to kill an account by slow death is to remove followers – instead work to increase targeted followers.
Say you have a model account of a female – like it or not the vast majority of followers will be male. If an account has 80 percent or more ya gonna delete say 5 percent? Big numbers if it gets 5k or more.


Take advantage of every word! Good to see again @Alexnvo


Thank you, I never left. I try to see what’s up every few days. I don’t reply to message much nor comment that much. It keeps me abreast of whats new …

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I understand my friend :slightly_smiling_face:

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