Does resetting your phone gives it a new ip address & makes its better to appeal

i’ve been appealing to get my account back & a friend told me that by resetting my phone gives it a new IP address which could give me a better chance of getting my account back. is this true?

No, that is not true.


You can get a new ip by just turning airplane mode off, then back on. Not sure that will help you with getting your account back.

Ultimately I don’t think it gives you better chances of restoring a disabled page. When my page was disabled I reset my phone, appealed, and got my page back the next morning but there’s no way to be sure that the reset is what did the trick.
I also noticed that when appealing on desktop sometimes I wouldn’t get responses from IG after appealing through the link, so I reset my WiFi router and sent in the appeal again and got an instant reply from Facebook support… In this instance I didn’t end up recovering my account, so I don’t believe a phone reset is key.
Sometimes I’ve appealed from different devices (phones and laptops) and got recovered without being asked for a verification photo, Instagram really just does whatever it wants, I think the only way to get a page back is to be persistent… Unfortunately after the last Instagram did there is no official guaranteed blueprint, just keep trying! Good luck

You’ll get a new IP but there is also device ID etc., so the IP itself won’t be the only determining factor. I don’t think the change in IP is that important it’s more important whether it’s a quality IP (mobile, residential etc.). Also, ideally, it would be the same IP that is being used for running the account (phone, desktop, whatever).

This can be changed through rooting your phone and running a mac address changer.

There are indeed additional technical things you can do to completely reset everything but I guess the question is whether any of this is necessary. I do not believe that having a “clean” device would make it better to appeal. If your first device is a “quality” device (mobile or residential IP), then why shouldn’t you keep appealing from the same one? Resetting it shouldn’t improve the odds. But if you were on a crappy IP, then moving to a better IP could help.