Does Shopify on it's own do this?


Like I see people importing products directly from aliexpress… does Shopify do that on it’s own? If not, what do I need to get? and is it free? I’ve been watching quite a bit of Youtube videos and seems like in each video they are trying to advertise their own premium plugin.


You need to use an app for it… To import products with a single click.

The most popular one is called Oberlo, they have a free limited plan but I think it costs like $19-29 p/m to run a proper store and skip some of the limitations.

Yes, there’s no absolutely free tool for it… At least for now :slight_smile:


They made it free just a while ago until 50 auto fulfillment.


Thanks guys!!

I forgot to ask… Does that include the auto-fulfillment for orders or whatever? So if someone orders you can basically just fulfull it with one click?

Edit: err… maybe that was what dddd was referring to :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a dummy