Does Shopify on it's own do this?

Like I see people importing products directly from aliexpress… does Shopify do that on it’s own? If not, what do I need to get? and is it free? I’ve been watching quite a bit of Youtube videos and seems like in each video they are trying to advertise their own premium plugin.

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You need to use an app for it… To import products with a single click.

The most popular one is called Oberlo, they have a free limited plan but I think it costs like $19-29 p/m to run a proper store and skip some of the limitations.

Yes, there’s no absolutely free tool for it… At least for now :slight_smile:

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They made it free just a while ago until 50 auto fulfillment.

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Thanks guys!!

I forgot to ask… Does that include the auto-fulfillment for orders or whatever? So if someone orders you can basically just fulfull it with one click?

Edit: err… maybe that was what dddd was referring to :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a dummy