Does someone has 'Ten commandments of Game' from RSD Derek?


Would be great if someone has it and could tell me his experience with this program!



One of my friends joined RSD, it’s pretty toxic IMO.


Wouldn’t recommend it. If you wanna get good at game go with Todd V for the technical side (outer game) and RSDTyler for inner game. All you need from my experience.


Rsd Tyler has some good stuff on his YouTube already

The whole concept of pick up seems off to me and not genuine if you are there just to meet a stranger every night

Jordan explains a bit here and turned me off of this side of dating


Derek is a fucking beast on this topic. I strongly recommend buying his programm.


I appreciate all the opinions from you guys but this isnt toxic

In my opinion is derek the men for this, like @socialama said


man I always said I should of been doing the daygame stuff, I had all the best shit ever, I was a ups driver here in Huntington beach for 7 years before I got into medical stuff, but I would literally hook up with a different girl that I met on my route every other day and then when the weekends came I was messing around with 3-6 usually just depending how much time I had but that job was by far the most sinful job you can have , I delivered to 90% businesses and say you would deliver to a bank it was all girls or a title company its all girls, literally every place I delivered to had hot ass girls and you get to there numbers because you see them pretty much every day or every other day … but the job showed me that I would never get married because there was quite a lot who were married, engaged and the girl I met on my route that I had my daughter with was engaged at the time so watch out from those delivery drivers


Gotta agree with you, it’s just not natural, they just teach you to create a fake persona, especially Todd… I like the approach Tyler and Julien are going towards, not learning some bullshit outer techniques but actually finding yourself!


All this stuff is cringe- when I’m with a bunch of guys and they talk about this it makes me sad for mankind

Why do you wanna learn this stuff so you can get a girl out if your League?

Maybe you should work on how you view yourself first and understand why you think she’s out of your League


You obviously haven’t studied this material at all. RSD nowadays is all about ACTUALLY becoming a higher value version of yourself instead of “faking it to get a girl out of your league”.


Here are my commandments for you. Confidence.
And don’t be a dweeb. Easy.

Have fun swoopin 9’s.


RSD is kinda good with all the self-help stuff but their content is a lot of mental masturbation that makes you feel like you accomplished something when in reality you just listen to a 3 hour talk on spirituality that just made you more confused.

My advice is to stop consuming so much and actually go out and try talking to girls.

Back in the days, I thought Derek was the man. Nowadays he seems kinda shady. If you want to stick with RSD, go with old school Julien for the best results.


preach lol, I feel bad for the incels that fall for this bs


what changed your mind about Derek bro


Guess nobody has mentioned Roosh V yet :joy:


Luffy is right.

  1. Build confidence
  2. Build more confidence
  3. Approach women with your new confidence (Get rejected numerous times until you figure out what to say)
  4. Build the best version of yourself, that could be going to the gym, learning new things, doing new things, Self improvement, going to a new country.
  5. you’ll probably be so busy building the best version of yourself and enjoying life, you won’t realise how much more attractive you’ve became in the eyes of the other gender.


Back in the days, I used to browse his forum and all the valuable threads on there when I was bored in high school lol still aced my classes and got some pussy in the process lmao


The people putting this stuff down have NOOOOOOOOOOOOO idea what they are talking about.

Game today isnt what it was 15 years ago.

The entire point is to get you to a point where you are your best self.

Anyway anyone have this as yet?


My life completely changed because of cold approach pickup. That being said i hate most guys who know about it, because they fucking suck. Not suck and they try, they just suck and do not do shit.

But seriously, being viciously rejected by women for over 4 years have really numbed me a lot to most types of rejection, as well as built a rock solid foundation of believing in myself combined with hard rock work ethic.

While the new RSD is turning slowly into a cult, i truly owe old RSD a lot of my successes in life. I have the ten commandments and i think, just as any product RSD has released, most of the content is (or was) already on the free youtube videos. There are some nuggets though which make the product worth it.