Does Temporarily Disabling an IG account improve the Trust Score?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if temporarily disabling and IG account or making it private helps increase it’s trust score?

Recently, I have been having issues with one of my accounts that asks for phone verification almost daily.
I disconnected it from Jarvee and my phone and even then it asks for phone verification (even when I’m not using it).

Has anyone tried to temporarily disable an account?


In my experience - it does NOT improve your trust score, but it does help not to lower it if that makes sense.

Basically, if you are at 10, unhooking from Jarvee won’t make it 11, but might help not get it to 9.


Got it, thanks! I won’t temporarily disable it then. What about making it private?

The issue is that I used a 4G mobile proxy from Thailand. IG then decided to change my country (Under Account Info) from USA to Thailand. I disconnected it from the Thailand proxy about 6 days ago and have been only using the account from my phone in the USA.
Because it still says Thailand, I think that this is what is causing the IG verifications.

Doubt Thailand has anything to do with it. I have a few accounts that ask for PV every day. They are some of the only ones still following right now so I just knock them out every morning over coffee (takes like 5 minutes.)

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That’s how I confirm in my case: D
I have a Polish proxy :slight_smile: And the client is in Thailand on vacation and now throws it out every day in the morning from the system, I need to click only the verifications and after the case: D

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You could start posting images as 5 seconds videos with a maximum of 15 small hashtags.

The power of your already existence audience will boost the post on top places for hashtags with a maximum of 20k posts count.

If you manage to find 30-40 hashtags from different influencers on your niche you’re going to get very nice results.

As a matter of fact I recently created an account with only quotes. I copy paste them and upload them as videos. The account has 22 followers but the statistics of the posts look like this:


For phone verification problem.
In my experience thats something worong with your proxy.
Try to change the proxy with the better one and test it for a couple days.

It might help, but not that much. You can also try to circle that PV loop. What if you post something after you reenable and do a small promotion like $6 for 2-3 days ($2/day) and you will regain trust score a bit

Thanks, I tried on Saturday but it didn’t help. Actually I got 2 verifications yesterday

That sounds like a good idea, thanks! I did read about this technique once, but I also heard that it will come back to bite. The account is a business account, so spending money on ads, will make IG reduce my reach even further to have me buy more.

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One step at a time. Figure the PV loop and then you’ll see when the next issue appear (if any). Don’t resolve issue that doesn’t exist atm :pray:

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Haha love this, thanks! This is literally one of my biggest hold backs - I always try to solve 10 issues 9 of them don’t even exist yet.

Yes, I’ll focus on solving the PV loop and then see what’s next - Thanks!

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Dont think this will help at all. Try posting more, with less hashtags. Hashtags that actually relate to the post, and make sure these hashtags aren’t banned!

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nope.if there is a link get rid of it.

expect it for a few days. post by phone if you can once every few days. let it rest and no other actions and see if that helps.

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Thanks for the advice - will try!

Hi folks, how is it possible to see the Ig score for an account?

Hi, you can’t see the trust score. It’s an internal measure

what kind proxy that you use?
Have you tried 4g?

Yes, they are all 4G :sweat_smile:

i’ve always let my accounts rest for a week after non-stop automation for 3 months.
helps alot on account trust score

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how do you know if anything helps with the trust score if you can’t see the score?