Does this exist? Tool for Instagram

Looking for a web app or program that fetches the X most liked from a page.

For example you chuck in a @username and it fetches the 9 highest liked photos.

I was also looking for something like that

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You can do this with the Repost Tool in Jarvee. In the Repost Tool go to the option called something like this: “just repost if the engagement is higher then X% average”. For example you can start setting it to 200%. Then choose the option: “send posts to campaign first”. If there is nothing in the campaign that means the % of engagement was set to high, so Jarvee couldnt produce results because there are not that outstanding posts on the account. Then simply decrease it until you get 5-10 posts. This will be the best performing posts in the account.


You can also set the repost tool to post a max of 9 per user which will make the process automatic.


Great addition! @Avo


Don’t mean to sound like a cheapskate but right now I do not use Jarvee since the pricing is a bit out of range for what I want to do right now.

Is there any Web based solutions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I dont know a web based tool but before I used Jarvee for that, I did it manually. You can add + count the likes of the 10 most recent posts (leave out the newest ones which we’re posted in the last 24 hours because that is not an accurate comparison). Then divide the total number of likes you got by 10 and you will have an estimation on the average number of likes/engagement of the account. Then you can multiply this number with x1.5 or x2 and search for posts with that number of likes or simply look for posts with a number of likes above the average.

Good Luck!

I got you guys!

Was looking for the same a while back and found this lil gem.

Web based; filters by most likes, most EG, most comments. You can even set date period to scrape posts from. All with a few button clicks. Also works with other social medias, but I only use it for IG so cant speak on the others.

10 bucks a month and worth every penny IMO.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Thank you! @DemiGod Bookmarked :ballot_box_with_check:


Wow the different analytics are incredible :hushed:


I use a tool called postradamus it allows you to search lots of different sources for content including instagram and then report them. You can search by keyword and then when it pulls in the content you can filter it by likes or comments etc. It might do what you need.

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as other’s have said, Jarvee is the way to go for this. Its a really powerful feature