Does this mean my proxy is bad?

I decided to try and make my own account using a new proxy. I created the account in a firefox account with the proxy in settings.

The second I finished making the account I got a warning. Saying suspicious activity has occured and I need to add a phone number. This does not sound good does it?

I have two of my good accounts attached to another proxy from this provider so I hope that they arnt getting ruined.
What do you guys think? Add a cell phone and continue as normal?

Yes. It means IG doesn’t like your proxy. Is it DC proxy or 4G mobile proxy? You need high-quality proxies to create accounts.

I got the same issue (captcha +PV) when I created accounts using DC proxies and when I created accounts using my home IP which has been used many times to create accounts.

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Its a 4g one. They supposed to be good.
Are the two accounts I have on the other one ok?
Or do I need to move them too?

The proxies are Ukraine based. Bought from happymedia. They have lots of good reviews on here.