Does this posting/content strategy work?

I searched the last 2 hours in this forum and in BHW, but found no answer to my question. So I will put it here and try to be as accurate as possible.

A few background information:

I already have 5 accounts and will create 5-15 more accounts. The niche of the accounts is the same and the goal of the account is selling shoutouts and making my own shoutouts for my main account.

To grow the accounts I use different methods (Follow / Unfollow, DM groups, maybe Powerlikes). My main growth, however, was to come through my content itself, I work with viral posts.

I will post 3-5 a day. I actually use reposts, but I want to make the captions unique in order to increase engagement: call-to-action, ask questions, etc.). This is possible for a few accounts, but not for many accounts.

So I thought about planning several 100 posts and creating the captions for them. Until I reach a certain amount. Then I would like to upload these posts in a random order through Jarvee campaigns. I want to do that on all accounts (10-20). This sometimes means the posts are repeating, but there is always content there when no new one is produced.

My question: Can this plan work or does Instagram see it as spam? I mean, the same posts are not uploaded to all accounts at the same time. And if exactly the same post from Account A to Account B appears is it like a repost, right?

I hope you can help me and thank you now for any helpful advice.

Is this Safe? Or can it be that Instagram does Not Like when over a timeframe some Posts, spread over multiple accounts get posted?

Is it possible to create a campaign in jarvee and Set it up that no Posts get posted on different Accounts at the Same time?

Why not just create 1000 posts and eliminate the problem?

I don’t see the any benefit of having repeat content. Create a good (enough) spintax that can apply to all your posts, scrape 1000 pictures, screen them and upload them. Set Jarvee to post a unique post to each account and done deal.


But I want to make relatively unique posts to increase the engagement. Or would you say it doesnt matter when the content/Photo is good?

I read somewhere that the spintax can Just have 5 variations. Isnt that too less? Im curious about IG banning or flagging my accounts.

Another Idea I Had is similar to yours. I wanted to create about 1000 Posts and then uploading them randomly too my accounts. Is it a Problem when the captions are the Same? Or is it Just fine when “make Image unique” is Just enabled?

I know Im asking a lot but I read the whole day today in BHW and here and im Kind of stuck

lol I remember I hired 20 people to write captions for 100 accounts, each has 1000 posts. So now I have 100,000 captions for 100 accounts, setup for 2 years upfront. So by reading your post, I could say that you shouldn’t post the same caption on different accounts as it could be flagged. Every post has to have its own unique caption (and don’t count emojis) :slight_smile:

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Wow haha but Im not at the financial Point to hire 20 people atm but later I want to hire a Virtual Assistent to manage my accounts and create the captions

But for now I want to Post 5 Times a day on 20 Accounts, means 100 Captions a day or 3000 a month (I think I will do this once a week upfront). Do you know a way too make it easier? Except of having someone to Write them for you?

I think I will use the repost Tool, find Posts in my niche with 50% more Engagement than average on the Account and add the Posts to campaign and write the unique captions there. So i save time searching for viral stuff. Hashtags, I think I will use random from this two lists in Jarvee, because creating them for each Post would take tooo long. - What do you think?

You need to read some more :slight_smile:

Spintax can give you literally unlimited combinations. You just need to put in the work to create it.

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Okay, cool thats new to me, Thank you :slight_smile: I will try it out

At the beginning I wanted to Just repost and until now I think it is very good and saving time. But the only thing I didnt liked about that was that when you repost the Post with the caption and Put it together with your Signature Text, it can be that it Looks weird. Because I delete the Name of the Page i repost from and Just keep the credits.


Original caption:

Great Photo!
Follow: @originalusername
Credits: @creditusername

My Signature Text:

Great Photo!
Credits: @creditusername
Follow: @myusername

Did someone of you already faced this problem and is there a more simple way to fix that with Tokens instead of adding it in the campaigns?

Sorry to be the contrarian again, but why not DOWNLOAD what you want to repost, create some spintax and upload it as brand new content?

Basically, avoid repost tool altogether.

Because I want that the captions refer to the Photo/video, I want to Tell the people to engage with the content so the chances are Higher that it will go on the explore page. Or do you think that isnt necessary? I mean a General spintax cant refer to a pic specifically because its random, I understood right? And for example: I have 20 Accounts x 5 Posts a day = 100 Posts a day - How many different spintax captions do you need that Instagram Sees it as unique content?

You mean avoiding repost Tool because its bad?

just try on ten accounts – you will know, if safe go up number of accounts

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On 10 Accounts? With how many spintax? Sorry, I dont understand

cause it is a start.

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I post on 34 accounts – some days they all have the same caption –
follow @xyzaccount.

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Ah okay you mean Just trying on 10 Accounts

But are spintax actually working on different content? For example i have a funny Video and a Motivational Video (Same niche) Not every spintax will Work

try same caption. hell, they know already.

I will Look your account, I actually want to See that on an Account “live” thanks

You mean users know that its automated or Instagram?

instagram – they got the tools to know

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Sry for jumping in am not sure if i get your comment right. Do you say instagram will detect any spintax anyway? Also if you use the best spintax ever? edit: So it’s maybe not worth putting that much effort into it?