Does tiktok automation on jarvee work?

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone is using jarvee for tik tok automation? And mainly can you schedule posts? And how well does it work etc… Thanks in advance for any replies.

Hi @DDAWGboi

TikTok tools in Jarvee are still in beta version. They do work, but they’re not perfect :slight_smile:
However, the scheduling and publishing videos on auto works great.

Anyway, TikTok automation is not available in free trial…

It works quite well, since it’s still in beta version. There are some issues from time to time, but support is always efficient with fixes and adjustments. I’m just playing with it, not doing anything serious yet.

I have been trying to use it for more than a month on a calisthenics account. I have been posting our best performing videos from our Instagram page. However the growth has not been very great, as you can see we are following more than 2,000 users but only 110 followed us. The follow back ratio is too low and I don’t know how to improve on what we are doing at the moment, apart from maybe setting up commenting too.

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Jeeze that is not good…

tik tok is all about content and originality. You don’t need automation to be successful, content is key here - and you can grow with an incredible speed :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s correct but my opinion is that when we are available to quality automate TikTok accounts combined with quality content, we’ll hit the jackpot :smiley:

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yes, agreed 100%