Does TikTok still decide who to show your videos through SIM card?

Wondering if who sees your videos is still determined by the sim card in the phone you post from?

Yea, I also would like to know.

It does. SIM is the way TikTok determines the target country to show you content from and shows your content to that country accordingly

Can confirm, it worked for me

Couple of Questions:

  1. I’ve just brought a US sim card and using a spare phone (made sure region was US and even US address) I am not making a new account but just want to start posting and targeting the US. Do i need a VPN as well or is the non active sim card enough.

  2. I want to boost some posts in the future. I inserted the US sim, made a US iCloud account and US region locked my iPhone. How come it still say UK boosting targeting?

All the help would be great :slight_smile:

No VPN needed, just use your regular IP. Making a new account with the sim card inserted would be good, haven’t tested using an existing account. But you can try.

  1. not sure can’t help with that
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I was hired to help target the US market and unfortunately can’t make new accounts. Hopefully it should work. I got a AT&T sim card of amazon and hopefully it is fully US and not somewhere else. Thank for the help.

Just want to say that the sim card worked! It shifted the whole audience to US, so thank you!

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Does anyone tested combination of US proxies + US Store ( Google or Apple), without US sim card is there a way to target US?

For example if my phone doesn’t have any simcard at all but connected to US Proxies, which audience will it target to?

You need USA sim card. They recognize proxies and VPNs from what I have heard. Save yourself the trouble and order a US sim card off amazon or ebay, it’s cheap anyways and proven to work.

I want to do it in bulk, I assume it will be an issue to buy hundreds of US cards and deliver it to Europe…