Does using the same bio on all accounts work?


In making multiple IG accounts, has anyone had any success in using the same description in the bio?


Trying to apply some logic here best way is not to duplicate bio because big developers track these accounts for example google with youtube. But maybe instagram doesn’t track bio info? Interesting topic maybe somebody creates same bios over and over again?

I have a bunch that are very very similar. I wouldn’t go word for word but I think even if you change one or two words around you will be okay. Keep in mind there are like 500 million accounts on IG and I am sure a few thousand are identical just by sure odds…

I’d say don’t do it, use spin sintax and make them all different, at least in part if not completely. Why would you want to leave footprints, maybe it’s ok now but it won’t be in 4-5 months and you’ll hear about it only after all the accounts are banned.