Does verifying accounts at once leave a footprint (If the accounts were already used on their specific proxy)?

I applied new settings and copied them over to multiple clients. anyways, those clients were already on their 1:1 proxy. I verified all of those accounts at once since they were already verified through that IP address 20 seconds before. Does this leave a footprint?

Each login leaves a trail.

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I’m confused as to what you’re asking… So they are all already verified, and then you applied new settings to them all at once… Why did you need to re-verify if they were already verified?

I am sorry if I am not reading this correctly…

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I’m fairly certain verifying is no more than an API call to check whether the account is logged in. It could be a simple as visiting the account profile or news feed, which would leave no trace whatsoever.

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I wanted each account to auto sync before midnight. I pressed copy all and copied all settings over to each account. when this happened, it made every account turn red to where i needed to re verify. I re verified each account at about the same time in the span of 5 minutes. Now im concerned if this has left a footprint or not. (every account is still on the same proxy and were logged in two minutes prior to me applying the settings over)

I hope this is the case, hopefully some more people will add their input in!