Dog Engagement Group 20K+

Dog Engagement Group 20K+
Join ours if u have a 20k+ dog niche account
Add my telegram @kevinflash


im currently growing a dog account it is at 10k right now and growing by 500 followers every day so im looking for this too!

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How are you growing 500 a day?

different methods… just look around on the internet and you will find your way :wink:

@blommen We could create one if there’s no similar group

i have 1 in 30k range… it’s growing good and has good engagement

Does it matter if the accounts are from the same niche when creating a DM group?

I’m sorry, but why even bother to respond with a comment like that?

Essentially, you are saying you have had an account for 20 days if its at 10K, can you possibly be anymore vague?

what? why are you even responding to my comment?

It offered zero value.

no it dident your comment offerd zero value.
what i meant by my comment is that i’m also looking for a Engagement group but i have 10k and when i said im growing with 500 followers every day i meant that i will be at 20k in a short time so think before you comment plz

Do dog accounts grow fast? I’ve seen lots lately and I have a pretty interesting husky I’m thinking about going in?


i would say go for it!
it was pretty hard in the beginning to grow but when i got over the 5k follower mark its just snow balls.

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Mine is just under 25k, personal (dog lol) account, too. Are you in an EG already?

Mine is just about 25k. We can connect with the other guy who is at about 30k, and if the homie at 10k is growing 500/day, he’ll be up with us soon enough :+1:t4:

To my understanding, DM groups as a whole are pretty dead. But it can be good for engagement if the accounts are following each other, HQ (high followers and engagement), and, yes, in the same niche. It’ll show your post to their followers in the explore page, and they should be in the same niche for this to work.

Do it. Easy AF compared to people pages lol. Not sure exactly what to do once the page is big tho honestly.

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Haha this is my favorite. Some pages are easy to grown, but then when its big its like, I dont know what to do with it. I guess try to get dog brands as sponsors?


Yeah lol. I mean, if dog sitters and local food places are down to do some sort of collab that would be nice I guess lol. Would be cooler if my dog could pay her own upkeep at least :money_mouth_face:

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hey no i am not in any EG as of now for it.

I’m also finding a good one in dog niche

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I wasnt talking about your engagement comment, look back at my quote bro. Your comment means nothing to everyone.

Hey guys.
Why not we create one?
If you all have a dog niche ac and get 20k+
Pls add me in telegram @kevinflash
I will find more ppl in IG to build up the group.
Let’s grow our acc together!

@dollardude16 @EmpireNetwork

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