Doing 1000 likes is normal these days?

i well keep doing the tests

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Your asking questions already answered.

Im doing 500-900 likes per day without any blocks :slight_smile:

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can you link me the answer because i didnt find im asking about the current stats

can you share screenshots?
curious to see

whats tool you using jv ??

Here is an account i was working on last month

And here is an account i just started working on :slight_smile:


For my personal account that I use on my phone that has a very high trust score, I can easily do 1000 likes a day with jarvee


1000 likes for 1 day WooW

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i’m not suprised, because i know people still doing 1000 likes/follows a day without facing issues this blow my mind but they actually doing it.


Are they using JV?


For the past year I’ve been doing 1200 likes per day, however since the new update I can’t get past 100 likes. I’m using a not that well known bot for chrome. Worked great over a year but since 2 weeks it doesn’t work anymore because I always get an error when I’m trying to go to profiles, even my own. When I’m stopping the extension everything works normal after like 30mins.

I’m not doing hashtags or location. I’m doing post likers, so a lot of scraping going on. So perhaps I always hit the API limit?

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Likes are going well for me

Past few days i did 700>800>1100>1200

no blocks :slight_smile:


I believe that too much scrapping is not good for the account

But have never found likes to help with follows? Does it? Kinda new to IG auto still

What sources do you use mate? How does this help with engagement to your own account? Please help with the settings of how this is done on J if anyone has time.

Thanks alot

Are you using J? If not, what are you using?

With the new update I think so too. Perhaps I need to use different tool now.

You like the latest 2-3 pictures from a person. The Person gets a notification that some liked their pictures. They’re going to check you out, they like back. Sometimes I get a crazy like back chain. And If you’re lucky and your account has good content you will be getting a follow back.
I’ve been gaining 10-20 follow per day with this method. Slow but steady.

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are you using jarvee?