Doing 1000 likes is normal these days?

yesterday I was doing some tests with Instagram private API i made just simple for auto like posts using hashtags
here are the results

  • 26 min 200 likes with no errors or spam messages, the delay was 8-12 sec

  • 1 hour and 40 min 330 likes with no errors or spam messages the delay was 10-20 sec

  • 2 hours and 2 min 467 likes with no errors or spam messages, the delay was 14-20 sec

and they were breaks between each batch 1-2 hours

can anyone confirm the results he got using the popular automation tools these days ?? thank you

the second day I was able to reach 915 likes with a delay of 25-30 sec


Can’t speak for others, but I can’t achieve anything even slightly close to those numbers

whats tool you using ??

i hope you’re not trying to sell that private made API here :grinning:


No sir its open source i only build on top of it my custom bots

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One of the two most popular - Jv.

Are you liking from a scraped list or just liking on explore page, hashtags, randomly?

I think you can get away with more likes if they are random, but when you start liking from an imported listed is when you run into blocks.

for the test i take 3 hashtags and scrap the recent posts and use it

i got email from them they working on update from whats i understand how jarvee works thats use combination of private api and instagram web api for now the web api can be detectable very easy just after some likes or follow or anything

On the Instagram app, you can’t throw more than 150 Likes in a row,

How come with a bot you ended up with 467 Likes within 2 hours ?

So strange ehe

its not on row they are random delay between them

Running a test for a day is actually pointless… Yes you may be able to follow like a load of people in 1 go… But how is it after a week a month… A: Not so good …


in this times every time i combine like + my F/U i get CM very fast about 20-40 likes give me the block
now i don’t use likes only F/U :pensive:

im asking people if getting this numbers every day because of the currents stats of bots right now the account i use for test i was run it almost every day and get blocks after some likes i got this numbers because i used different appreach so thats why im asking is this normal of people usig popular bots

i test the follow to only too today i was able to reach the 200 without problem i need to combine them both to see the results

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i can get more than 200 follow for one day
but after a long run i can get block for it

I think you need more time for test. Best wish :slight_smile:

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No, that is definitely not normal.
But many people here made the experience, that sometimes things are working damn good, and then, all of a sudden, your acc.s gets banned or blocked by IG.

So if you are really able to get these results in a longer period of time (weeks or better, months), and you share your tricks here, believe me, people will love you :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree. Over a month keeping this up and he’s onto something imo.

thats whats i well do i well keep posting results here to compare results with other people using other tools