Doing the math..Sims, Google Voice & Cost of doing business

I see several offers for Sim cards that have a certain shelf life (6-12 months) for around $5. I’ve also seen that phone validation works with google voice.

Since you can only safely phone validate 3 accounts per social media platform per phone number that means 3 instagram, 3 facebook, 3 twitter accts to 1 phone number which means about $5.

Let’s say I need 300 instagram accounts. If I were to buy sim cards, that would be 100 sims which is $500.

Now I read on this forum that google voice also works with phone validation… so what do I do? I go to fiverr to see if anybody’s selling google accts… And I find a guy that’s selling 100 google voice numbers for $50.

So now I’d be faced with either paying $500 for 100 sim cards which have a shelf life or $50 for 100 google voice numbers.

Easy math to me… unless I’m missing something? Please chime in, especially if you have experience phone validating with google voice.

I would like I could help you, but never had any experience with Google Voice. However, I have plenty experience with IG and Sim cards and imo it’s the safest way to go with.

On other side, 100 google voice numbers for $50 doesn’t sound expensive at all and it’s worth trying.


that is definitely something, if it works might be a good way to go, test it out and let us know as well :smiley:

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Do you know if these google voice numbers are:
US numbers?
And how long are they expected to last?

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I’ve been using 2 google voice numbers for my personal/business use for years but nothing on a mass scale. If there are 9 months of inactivity they can expire. Yes they are US numbers.

Did you actually test and see if they work with Instagram? I read somewhere that google voice numbers do not work with IG.


I tried to use google voice numbers for IG accounts, and they do not work.


whats imo? lol