Domain and hosting recomendation

I am looking for recomendations regarding cheap domains and hosting. I am gonna use it for CPA stuff. I have Namecheap in my mind. (domain and hosting). Are they reliable. Do you know if I can get more $1 domains or is it new account only offer?

I use namecheap for all my domains, never had any troubles for them, as for hosting I use HostWinds.

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thx…whould you advice pay extra for WhoisGuard? I need those domains for CPA spaming

Absolutely, Whois is a must for all websites unless you want to get spammed by emails from seo offering bots and indians who offer web design services (lol).
As far as I am aware you get 1 year of whois protection for free if you buy domains at namecheap.

Get your 1$ domain from 1and1 very reliable domain provider. 2nd year is 15$ but you can cancel the renewal and create an other one for 1$ or transfer if you wish. they have whoisguard

search for webhosttalk on google and chose something from there.

thx @hvp17
After purchase domain on Namecheap do I need to transfer it to my hosting or change servers names only?

You only need to change the nameservers, usually they have it documented in hosting faq sections.

Just change domain’s nameservers.

Login to your namecheap account, click on MANAGE next to your domain. Go to NAMESERVERS section, choose CUSTOM DNS and add your hosting’s nameservers (check that with your hosting provider).

Save changes and you’re good to go.

Changing nameservers on Namecheap can take up to 1-2 days, but it’s usually done much faster.

After you’re done, you can login to your hosting cpanel and install wordpress, for example, or whatever CMS you want.

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Dreamhost has free whois privacy if I recall correctly. Any thoughts about them?

Namesilo is cheap and secure, no charge for whois privacy or account security.

If you’re still looking for hosting, I’ve had a decent experience with StableHost. They’re pretty cheap and have been great for the past 2 years, but that can change pretty quickly when you’re not a huge company. There are lots of hosting providers that offer lifetime discounts on WebHostingTalk if you’re not looking for anything fancy or ultra reliable, just do some research and make sure they’re not rated poorly.

As for domains, you’re covered, I’d also throw in another recommendation for Namecheap. Just avoid GoDaddy, they’re horrible.

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thx guys…