DOMAINS (Cheap Domains OR Quality Domains)

##CHEAP Domains OR Quality Domains
That is the question

###What Is A Cheap Domain?

A cheap domain is one that has a price under $6/year. These domains have different endings such as .xyz , .bid , etc.

###What Is A Quality Domain?
A quality domain is one that has a price above $6. These domains have popular ending such as .com .

##Buying Cheap Domains


  • You are saving on average $8/domain/year

  • You can choose very short domain names that are not taken


  • Your domains will get banned, and you have to constantly buy more
    (Lowering your savings each time)

  • You will get more Phone Verification prompts which cost money since you either have to buy a SIM, or use an online service
    (Lowering your savings more each time)

  • Your accounts will get banned because you have to keep updating the domain with one thats not banned
    (Lowering your savings even further since you now have to buy a new account. If you create them you are loosing time out of your day which you could have spend making more money, or being more productive)

  • You will receve lower traffic because some people are stupid and will type your domain like “”

(Lowering your savings again).

##Buying Quality Domains


  • In the long run you are actually saving MORE money, and doing things the RIGHT way.

  • GoDaddy, and other registrars offer discounts for the first year. You can get deals such as $1 for a .com domain lasting a year.

  • Minimal banned domains
    (Saving money)

  • Less phone verification prompts
    (Saving you money on SIMS, or online verification websites)

  • Less account bans since you are not constantly replacing/updating the banned domain with a new one
    (Saving more money since you do not need to keep buying accounts. If you create them you are loosing time out of your day which you could have spend making more money, or being more productive)

  • You domain will be typed correctly more often, increasing traffic

  • Your domain appears more trust worth since it is .com


  • They cost $8-$10 / year (However there are amazing offers on .com domains such as $1 for the first year. This gives you 1 year to make at least $10 with your marketing to cover the costs of the domain.

  • Most good domain names ending in .com are taken already.

Quick Analogy:

You can buy an $1 item from the dollar store which will last you 1 year


You can buy a $10 item from a quality store which will last you a lifetime.


ALWAYS BUY .com DOMAINS! :smiley:


  • If you cannot afford enough domains for all your accounts, instead start off small, and slowly purchase more domains as you make more money with your current accounts. Credit To @Johnny

  • Look for .com deals. Some of these details are advertised on the registars websites, while other discounts are from promo or discount codes which you can find by googling “GoDaddy coupon codes” or replace GoDaddy with different registar names


Go to and change the currency to INR (Indian Rupee). Instantly you will save 27% :smiley:


Thank you for saving me time

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Nicely explained @BrandonBerner - this is very important for everyone to understand.

If you can’t afford all of them just start with less. You don’t need to go all in with 100 domains at a time, it will be extremely hard to set everything up at once anyway. Start with a fewer, make some money, see how everything works and the more money you make the more you can invest in domains/proxies and everything else you need.

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Now the question is, where do we get a handful of VCC that works with unlimited godaddy .com

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Golden! :slight_smile: I have added this great advice into the topic itself.

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Its SIMPLE! PrePaid Credit Cards :smiley:

Just buy them with a low balance like $5.


Concern for me, I need over 300 domains to run my landing page websites 3:1 on my social media accounts. I run over 1000 accounts…

Domains are $1 .club and .online

No issues yet

I am shocked that you are running 1,000 accounts with .club and .online domains with no problems.

How long have the account had these domains assigned to them? Longer than 3 months?

Most are since November 2016,

Each website has its own IP address host, along with other adjustments. 3 accounts = 1 website.

Wouldn’t it come down to your proxy being the most important? Also can’t Instagram track website URL fingerprints, data, Re directs and code?

I have a good friend that uses .club for his 250 IG accounts, he said he lost 40 accounts and couldn’t figure out why. I guess we will never 100% know…It could be a mix of allot of things.


I am quite impressed. I still would not recommend that others do what you have done. I believe you are either lucky, or Instagram is waiting to unleash the ban hammer eventually.

You may be on to something. See if you can replicate this. If so, it would make a great topic on this forum :smiley:

This’s great idea, I thought also it will be safe, just make sure using seo-hosting (1IP / hosting)

I will try with 30 account asap :slight_smile:

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I googled VCC and I came up with this…
VCC Volunteer Computer Corps
VCC Voltage at the Common Collector (positive [+] electrical connection)
VCC Virus Creation Center
VCC voice communications circuit (US DoD)

Please tell me what VCC means. Thanks :slight_smile:

VCC stands for lots of things.

In this conversation VCC = Virtual Credit Card



Sorry … It’s as what @BrandonBerner said

Protip, search with context and not it’s own word. But even with it’s own there’s also answer.

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How did you get each website to have its own IP address? I’ve found that hosting companies that allow unlimited domains only give you one IP address for the cheap $4/mo plans.

Does IG (or any other platform) check the IP address of the bio link? What about the set-up email address?

You have to purchase additional dedicated IP’s for each domain.

Yes, Instagram will see the IP of your domain or link in the bio.

If you use emails that end in your own domain name, Instagram will detect this and ban all the accounts ending in that domain. Use lots of caution with this. Make sure to create accounts very slowly so its not triggered.

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Thanks @BrandonBerner. Is there any hosting company you’d recommend that allows for multiple dedicated IPs per domain under one account? Or is it best to have a separate account for each domain? The $4 hostgator plans, although attractive, don’t seem to offer this.

I am personally with Bluehost, and they allow the ability to purchase additional dedicated IP’s, however it will be easier for you to just setup new a new hosting account / domain.

DO KEEP IN MIND: Cheap hosting services are providing you shared servers. This means that there are other logging into the same server, adding their own domains and both of you are sharing the same IP address. If those domains are on Instagram, it may cause a threat to your account. You want to make sure no other domains are assigned to your IP address.


.club is a good deal ! already purchased 15 domaine names .club , going to test it

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