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[STOP USING AUTOMATION TO EMAIL!] – Done-For-You Manual Cold Emailing
Gain Thousands of TARGETED Business Leads Every Month!
No Automation. No Emails in Spam. Just Cold Emailing Done Right.
Get a Real Person to Manually Send Your Cold Emails!
I Present…

Here is what some of our client inboxes look like:


  • We’ll give you our secret formula to make the BEST converting initial cold email pitch

  • On top of that, we’ll give you our EXACT settings for scraping UNLIMITED email addresses from your niche

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial?
Yes, we offer a free trial package of 100 emails. You will only need to provide us your email address, prospect email list, and initial cold email pitch. Your manual email sender will handle the rest.

Are business leads guaranteed?
We guaranteed that your emails will be delivered to your prospect’s inbox and that you will get real, authentic replies from them. After our initial cold email, closing the sale is dependent on you and your email marketing strategy.

What email address accounts do you recommend?
We strongly recommend using G Suite accounts as these email accounts are much more trusted by Google. G Suite accounts are much more effective than regular Gmail accounts when cold emailing.

Should I use my personal business domain to send cold emails with?
Personally, we don’t recommend using your own personal domain to send cold emails with. Instead, we recommend using similar business domains to send cold emails. If you contact us, we can walk you through this process.

Do email addresses still need a warm-up?
Email addresses may need to go through a “warm up” phase depending on email trust score and how new the account is. If your email manager decides this is necessary, we will warm up your email address for a small one time fee.

What do you need from me?
The only things we need from you are your email address, prospect email list, and initial cold email pitch. If we finish sending emails to your prospect list, we’ll be reaching out to you.

Is this safe?
Sending emails manually is the most effective way to safely deliver emails to your prospect’s inbox. Automated cold emailing services risk harming your domain reputation and causing your emails to land in spam.

Do you offer custom quotes if I want to send even more emails?
Yes, we do! Please contact us and let us know how many emails you want to send. We’ll review your information and offer you a custom quote.

Do you have agency/re-seller pricing available?
Yes, we do! If you have more than 5 email addresses you would like us to manage, please contact us & ask for agency pricing!

Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, we do! If you contact us and let us know which client you recommended to our services!

Website: bulksend.co
Skype: bulksendservice@gmail.com
Telegram: bulksend@gmail.com


Thread approved. Good luck with the sales!


Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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250 emails is too low per day to generate great results. What is your biggest package? At peak I was sending 150,000 cold emails per day to get insane results.

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We work with a lot of SMMAs and they’re using the 250 email plan and they’re getting really strong results. It’s not the # of cold emails sent but rather the quality. We have a free guide we send to all our clients to getting leads through cold emailing. The most important thing is that we don’t close over the phone. We tell our clients to focus on landing a phone call with the prospect and then closing the prospect over the phone.

Additionally, we’re focused on creating a long term solution to cold emailing. When spamming thousands and thousands of emails everyday, your domain will be blacklisted very quickly and emails will be sent to spam. Everything we do is 100% manually done.

To answer your question, if you do want to upgrade and send thousands of emails everyday, this is something we can help with. We do have a few clients that we work with to send thousands of emails on a daily basis, but we use a lot of different domains.

If you’re interested, please send me a DM :slight_smile:


For clients interested in a free trial, please make sure to post in the thread.

I am receiving a lot of DMs for free trials but please make sure to post in the thread to qualify for it.

Thanks so much everyone :slight_smile:

get me a free trial please? :smiley:

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interested :slight_smile:

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Your Telegram Username is wrong :sweat_smile:
(in the post)


I just realized that! Haha! So sorry about that.

The correct telegram username is @bulksend

It is fixed now. :slight_smile:

Interested in trial, want to get my cold email game back in action, but doing it myself was always hard. Seemed like my emails would only get replies from icloud users.

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Thanks! We have many resources that help our clients excel with cold emailing to get clients for their SMMA.

We provide free guides on how to scrape unlimited emails in any niche using JV and how to create your initial cold email pitch. Would love to share those guides with you.

The most important thing with cold emailing is getting valid email addresses from your target audience and having a very strong cold emailing strategy.

I am currently running my SMMA and cold emailing is how I get the bulk of my clients. It’s a very strong marketing strategy that many marketers don’t utilize :slight_smile:

A few free trial spots remaining due to high demand!

I would love to try your free trial. Right now I’m scraping my email list with Jv and trying to create a workflow in sendinblue but everything is a bit overwhelming. Feel free to send me a PM if you think your services would work for generating leads for a Ig manual growth service.

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Yes, that would be perfect. If you already have a scrape process in place, then you’re already really ahead of the game.

We work with a lot of IG SMMAs and that’s what we specialize in - getting leads for their agencies. We can definitely help out with this.

I’ve sent you a PM.

Do you guys provide stats? Such as open rates, click rates, reply rates, etc? You send emails from our domains?


Isn’t this illegal af? Like, where do you get the emails to send to?


To be honest, you’ll only really have a chance of getting in trouble if people request you stop sending them emails and you refuse. A hundred emails or so a day is nothing- it becomes an issue when you’re blasting out 10,000+ emails a day and refusing to stop when people ask you to.


@HenryCooper has some different thoughts about the matter

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How can I get in touch with you?