Dongle Connection Quick Question

Hi everyone just wondering…

What is the main difference between running say…3 dongles on a desktop vs 3 dongles and raspberry on each dongle?

Basically why raspberry when some people can achieve this with 2-3 dongles and get the proxy on a desktop and run JV. Instead of buying a raspberry for each one.

Just a little confused and I am using a VPS so don’t know if that applies the same.

Just looking to understand it better many thanks!

Is it possible to run 3 dongles without raspberry ?:thinking:

It’s much easier and cost effective to run a rasperry 24/7 than leaving your pc on 24/7.

I did this for a client, 3 dongles.

All working in JV, with more dongles coming/

Well you could plug all the dongles in your router…

If your router supports it yes! Again a decent router which support 3 dongles or more is in my country not a cheap solution, I don’t know about yours.

But again on rasperry you are able to create proxies and use on client phones too. This you can’t on routers.

But if you want a basic setup yes your suggestion is doable. Yet if you wanna scrape all costs you can get a usb hub, plug it to the wall and do your work.

The only benefit with rasperry is that it works like a tiny computer.

If you only have 1 port or you need more, then

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Exactly… Usb hub is what i am talking about for basic setup. Indeed doable.

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How You set it all up ?

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is putting dongles on a hub stable enough to run a few mobile proxies?

The USB hub is just a dummy in this case.
Be more concerned and invest just a slice more in some good LTE usb dongles, as these play a major rule. Buy Huawei if you can as I tend to have good experience with these.

This one for an example:

A bit pricey but stable! You may have kick as 4G provider, but with unstable hardware it’ll give you headache.

Good luck bro


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