Don't buy ig accounts?

So I am starting to realize your supposed to make ur own accounts. Buying IG accounts is a waste of money?


Somehow that is what I feel. I’ve stopped buying accounts since a few months back and somehow it was a smooth sailing ride for me :slight_smile:


Yeah, I agree with @Khai.

I started a new project a few weeks ago, bought 50 aged accounts thinking I could jump start everything… as of today, less than 20 of those accounts are still working. I ended up making 40 of my own via unique cellular IPs & they’re all still going fine.

It’s a pain in the ass making them, but I think my days of pissing money away on accounts are over.


Not at all. Just know what you buying and for God’s sake, warm them up properly. Most of my “aged” accounts that I’ve purchased are still standing.


It depends on who makes them and when it is made. There is a period where the algo kicked in and the range from a particular seller gets whooped.

They put up a filter, not on the after it is added, but a particular date using a particular method. I don’t know how much goes into their algo, but they’re damn effective.

For instance, someone may create the accs on 1 domain, then the domain “expired” and he changed the email. All ig needed to do was trace how many accs that 1 domain created and put a filter, BAM.

Someone may also claim they have zero footprints, but hey, on android there are so many identifiers that it’s almost imposible to make them all unique.

So yeah, the ones that are safe, are pretty rare. I got some batch that are ban heavy, and some that are fine, from the same seller.


Just bought 50 accounts, not a single one banned, only 1 was PV’d.

following 1K a day on all of them within 1 week


Tell us your secret, you jedi master you :slight_smile:


Yes Obi Wan, do tell us how to utilise the force properly.

i bow before you, my master.

do you mind sharing your supplier?

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actually i prefer to buy Aged IG accounts now. Just don’t buy it from a bad supplier who doesn’t know what they are doing and set off footprints on all their accounts.

I prefer making the accounts myself, I think that’s the most secure way.
But it takes too much time so probably I will also try to buy aged accounts, it seems almost as safe but doesn’t take my time.


Where did you buy these accounts? I wanted to 15 ig accounts.