Don't Buy Stuff From Facebook - Or At Least Make Sure To Check It Out Really Good Before You Do

OK, so here’s a little weekend fun since we’re all buying/selling and basically doing business on FB, IG & co.

so…what did we learn today class? :joy::joy:

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I see its 3D,did you get the glasses for it?:smiley:


you have to review the trader before you buy, through people comments, review, check if they have return policy.

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omg! wood looks so real on it!


Why would anyone buy a TV wrapped in a black trash bag? :joy:

Obviously it came in a box :slight_smile:
Curious what country the buyer was because my country is kinda 3rd world country,but our delivery companies have the option to check the package before we pay for stuff we buy.

I have a hard time understanding what he just said.

Don’t by TV’s on the intertubes

hi, Johnny
I sent you a message.
Please check it.

hahhahah :joy::joy: