Don't know why this is done on M/S

For the m/s method , many of us do mostly f/uf since its automated ,but i see also some add # on those added post of literally +500/600 accounts in the same niche , i mean correct me if im wrong but , posts for slaves account (churn and burn not the ones that are there for longterm) are there for socialproof and to direct to the main , never understood why add # on posts randomly hoping for some of those accounts get viral or ranked on big# .its like prefering to have few likes(30/40) on each slave acc rather than direct it to main account post that will be more strategic to get viral

the logical thing imo , is to create snowball effect and make 1 /2 account get all that engagement in only 1/2 post not just having few likes here and there across all the slave account, and i dont think throwing many # on that much accs can create something , Yes the ones that followed back can engage but ig will not rank accounts with that much low engagement

I agree with you there but you must keep in mind that users have different goals some of them believe that someday they can go viral by accident on one slave, yes your method of thinking is great and that’s what I do as well, but even having multiple slaves with a few engagement could be helpful in a way.

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The purpose of using hashtags is to reach more people. Some people will think hashtags make no difference. But there are those who still get good results from hashtags. It increases the chance of people following the child account which means more people can be directed to the main account.

yes the method is effective to drive traffic,but just have to be considered as a ‘bonus’ not as main traffic way,since 99% traffic in this case come from f/uf,also ig when it see that followers dont engagethat much they f ck up the reach , so the newcomers wouldnt even see new posts and help rank ,imo the few engagement that s there is just few follow back users , that share post in story/dm but not from # or explore

ofc # are key i didnt say they are ineffective or useless lol ,just in this m/s situation where everyone rely on f/uf as traffic source considering that with fewshuffled/randomized # traffic will come from post too isnt true since it require more than that and certainly with that much accs probability of having low engaement and not hitting viral is bigger, i simply said instead of spliting traffic like this,jus tdirect to 1 main post where the virality effect will happen cuz with 500accs there is 100% no virality or hashtag ranking ,or hitting explore , i prefer strategic 10accs used without throw and hope ,than 500accs with just the hope of getting a post ranked , there is few places on top hashtag if there is that much contenders its just a waste rather than making 1/2post boosted to get there

also take into consideration the timing for users that got followed to come visit profile and
engage…it will be already over since it all comes down to first minutes after a post if someone engaged 1hour after it have no impact,and for the ‘recent’ tab on # if its a active hashtag wich are the ones that have traffic well the post will be quickly replaced by new ones of other hundreds user using post same time

yeah agreed that’s why I told you that I personally don’t do that to me that is more labor than results/profits.

What you consider a good way to monetize a scraper account, let’s say that it did a good job for 1-2 months with few engagement and followers and that you want to monetize it somehow, what would you think of?

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i guess best would be selling them,since repost accounts mostly (unless they are hq and bigenough) dont get people to buy some products… because there isnt enough trust
since most of it traffic got driven to main one ,there job got done at the end goal isnt to grow them but make them the intermediate to drive traffic to main

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Repost accounts can do well. I have a 165k comic repost acounts that gets lots of shoutout requests.

Also not everyone likes to burn their slaves. The smart ones will be able to keep them long term and make them look like real accounts. Some of my fitness ones look real and are 2-10k followers.

Also. I think the one’s that use hashtags will scrape viral posts and just post exactly what was on it. So, they arnt actually doing any extra work. Its just scrape and repost. They have nothing to lose. Only people it effects are the ones that compete against them for hashtags.

Also a good m/s setup can have multiple mains. So, making the account look real and trust worthy makes it easier to avoid being labelled spam.

My fitness accounts all look like real accounts. All the slaves I make for clients look real too and they all last 6 months+. Havn’t had one die in a long time.

yeah, that’s what I think as well selling them would better the best choice I tried once to grow a slave account got completely banned after 2 days, why? because the number of API calls was up roof plus adding actual actions follow/unfollow/ Like …etc the account was flagged immediately :grin:

i think they will loose reach ,since it will be seen like spam for ig when using lot of # and getting ranked in none , ofc i dont talk about who have 20/30 slaves accs, but more the ones doing bulk f/uf (+500accs),imagine 500accssame niche all using very similar # same day ,most of them will not pop,if a ‘low engagement account’ that isnt cared that much about , will use viral hashtags , 100% he will not have same result since most of followers will not see his post and this leads to low engagement

and in term of socialproof ofc they need to look real lol ,spam accounts cant survive nowadays , for longterm they work and are effective if they get constant traffic thanks to f/uf but # they will be just bonus that servefor nothing since it need timing,engagement from own audience,quality content (wich isnt easy to do on many accs in same niche)…

Let’s be honest ; hashtags on child accounts are only meant to make it appear more realistic. At least, for “real” child accounts. I’m not talking about secondary main accounts, meant to grow.

First of all, child accounts that spam are not meant to die, this is a false idea. Then, hashtags in the captions show some “social proof”, with a few followers that can come as a bonus. But they are also not meant to be “shadowbanned”. Proper posting, at a high scale and with some nice hashtags randomization (>1000), can really colonize a niche and get a descent complementary followers growth on top of F/U.

At least, that’s what I’ve experienced with my network :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree. I barely use hashtags on my mains. On my big 160k I can hit explorer with no hashtags present and over a million reach.

Hashtags are overated now

true that’s what i said before, child accs arent meant to capitalize on # especially if there is many but are good for socialproof

you mean on big # or just when they are seen in ‘recent’ postsection of medium/small #
btw i think most 'bonus’follower that came on my child accs are mostly through shares of users that followed back

Yes, I mean with the “recent” hashtags :slight_smile: We have hundreds of accounts in the same niches, and when they post they appear a bit everywhere. So the exposure is pretty big ; no need to be viral, when you’re a bit everywhere with a DM limits that anyway, is pretty low in 2021.

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