Don't show in search

hii friends
i have a friend and she have a big amount 150K
not using never any automation
and now in the passed 3 weeks she have a strange problem
no one can find her from the search tab
even if the people follow her !

someone see this kind of problem?

Never happened to me before. What’s the username? If u don’t wanna reveal, just show how it looks on the search with a screenshot

try search this user…

i do find her…

yes this is the problem
and its like that for 3 weeks +
even if you follow her and search you don’t see her in the search

but i meen i do see her in the search she appears

she always was on the top of the search now she last
only if you wirte her full name she appears

There was some update when it comes to instagram search that happened recently, maybe this had to do something with the change… I can see the account as well. So the issue is actually that the profile doesn’t show up until you write the full name, right?

Prolly some sort of shadowban. Has she been buying some fake followers or anything out of the ordinary lately?