Doubt about Instagram Manual / Botting

Does anyone had the follow block issue doing manual actions ?

I noticed that when I do it manually, the follow button doesnt work. But when botting, it open a dialog box!

Can someone enlight me more about it ?


I have also read on other forums and here that blocks of manual tracking are slowly appearing: D
Instagram plays stubborn or it’s just a mistake on their part as always :slight_smile:


Maybe they are reading the moviment of the mouse on buttons or touch on screens.

It is the only thing that make sense !


This is nothing new. They’ve been reading tapping, scrolling and mouse activity for over a year now and it’s in their terms.


Jarvee should develop on their software a lot to make it more human like.


You can activate the Full Browser experience and then add Instagrams’ website there only and make it so it clicks on internal links and also scrolls. You obviously must be logged into your account through EB.

Not sure if this helps anything but I figured it out a few days ago.


Has it helped?

I tested for a few hours but then decided to stop using Jarvee all together for a few days to allow for my accounts to rest. I am currently doing everything manually on my mobile phones with 4G Sim Cards.

So not sure if its something that could work or not. But if you watched Jv scroll and stuff on the EB while the Full Browser Experience is running then you can actually see its alot more human like - the scrolling is very fast and it only scrolls down but its something. And when it also clicks on Internal links so for example if you are on your Instagram news feed, it will scroll for xxx seconds and then click on an internal link (someones story or profile) and then scroll on their profile and possibly click on another internal link which will take it to one of there posts etc.

I dont know why Jv cant just integrate this all into the EB when users have to be followed and unfollowed etc.


Can you give me a link? I can’t find it, Plz.


I think it was in the BHW thread.
But I don’t remember what because there is a lot of it.
But I know 98% there

I don’t think it helps, or any way it will go case by case.
I had full browser experience, the first time I’ve activated the day after I was blocked XD

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They have millions of organic users, all of them are being tracked (movement, behavior, etc.). They know what the difference between a bot and human is, they just want to be extremely cautious with taking hard actions without being 200% sure.


Do you believe in real AI?

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