Download profile picture from a list?

how could be the easies way for download the profile pictures of a list of instagram usernames ?

I use this website to download one by one when I make the shoutouts for my clients: But there are others as well. Doing them all at once is nothing that I can guide you. I’m not sure there’s an option for that.

This is a simple php script that checks the names given in the file.
Save the script as profile_dl.php, create the accounts file in the same directory and enter in it the usernames to download each username in the new line.




This is a simple modification of the script known from here:

Script written quickly without checking, I do not know if it works on the windows and how it works for a large number of accounts. If the ig starts blocking, you can try to uncomment the sleep function and change the useragent in the code.

Good luck :sunglasses:


thanks you, that could fix my issue i will try it :grinning:

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