Download protected vimeo video

Hello, I am trying to download this video that is privacy protected. I have tried several downloader programs. Nothing has helped. Can anyone walk me through getting this through view-source (I’ve tried) or developer tools or anything else that might work?! Thanks so much!

It’s public for me… edit: just for embeds, nevermind.

Have you tried Video DownloadHelper Firefox extension? That seems to access the steam for downloading for me.


Were you able to download it, not just watch it? I have tried the firefox downloader. It doesn’t recognize the video at all.

Yes, that downloaded and converted it

I tried firefox again. the icon at the top of the page is grayed out and says “No media to process in current tab”. Is there something I am missing?

JDownloader maybe?

I have wasted the entire afternoon trying to get this video! Ian, could you help figure out what settings I have wrong on the downloader for firefox? I have enabled/disabled it. I have tried Internet Download manager. I have tried Freesoft, VLC, Allmytube. Henry, it looks like Jdownloader may not be a safe download. I can’t endanger my computer right now. Thanks for your help!!

What makes you think that?

The sites I looked at to download had malware notices from my spyware software. Can you recommend a safe site for download?

Does anyone else have a suggestion to get this video?