Downloading Bulk Images with Captions

Does anybody knows how to download bulk tumblr images with captions?
I found it mission impossible.

A program called RipMe ( should be able to do it.

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I had a simple caption bot made by my friend in java

For example
Add text to

1 per line, maybe 4 parts in each
Then it’ll combine them together to make the most
Combinations possible 444*4 captions!

@RodCPA so this bot actually makes spin syntax out of the lines?

The I am not a programmer or I am to lazy to code way:
Get the extension “Data Miner” for your browser. (I am using Chrome, idk if it´s available for other browsers, but I assume yes)
I have not tried it with Tumblr but it works like a charm with Instagram and any other page I have tried with.
just watch their introduction video on how to use it.

That way you get a CSV File with all image file links and the captions which belong to it.
Copy all image links and use the extension “Tab Save” to download all image files in bulk.

From the CSV you have, with the captions and links, you can extract the file name easily from the image url, so that you can match the image to the caption later on again.

Any questions?


It combines each line of text in each module (text file) and creates As many combinations as possible leaving me with unique captions. For example

Do you agree?
Would you do the same?
Do you love that dog?

Double tap if you would
Comment if you do
Tag a friend

Go to my bio for more
Link in my bio
More dogs in my bio

This would do 3x3x3 so 27 unique captions from 9 lines of text
Obviously you can scale this out and make many more lines which can make hundreds or 1000s of captions quickly !

This is very helpful for me, thanks

please read my detailed guide for downloading images from anywhere

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The question was how to download bulk images with CAPTIONS. :slight_smile: