Downloading private Vimeo videos

Anyone know how to do this?

I can access the video but its private so its not downloadable.

Thanks :slight_smile:


If you can play it at full resolution and full screen you can use a screen capture program. On a Mac Quicktime player has that function built in.

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So I would have to play the whole video. Kinda wanting to avoid that haha.

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I prefer to do these things in Chrome but it works in every other browsers which have developer tools.

  • So navigate to the page where there is the video embedded.
  • Open Developer tools (Ctrl + shift + i; or on Windows it’s F12)
  • Choose Elements tab.
  • Press the first button which contains a cursor (“Select an element in the page to inspect it”) and click on the video itself.
  • This will select the video element or the thumbnail image from the HTML (DOM) code in the Developer tools.
  • Scroll down a little and just a few lines below the video parts you will find a script tag. Copy its content to a text editor.
  • You can easily find the mp4 video URL with text search in your text editor.

I hope it helps and understandable. I can use words which is not clear for non-programmer people. :smiley:

Edit: if it’s not clear, I will make a tutorial tomorrow with photos.
Edit 2: I will make then because it wasn’t totally clear and it can be useful for anyone.


And use a 3rd party downloader?

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I tried to download them with a 3rd party tool and it never worked for me. Which doesn’t mean there isn’t an easier solution than mine.

When you have the mp4 url just paste it in your browser, it will open it for playing in browser/forcing download. You can save it with Ctrl + S then.


Bookmarked! Thanks for the info @bwbalazs


You’re welcome. I will make a better understandable tutorial tomorrow because it wasn’t a 100% clear as I understood from @MrSterling’s words. :slight_smile:


Have you tried:

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trying to figure this out. I got the url but it doesn’t force download.

Can you see this video?

never-mind. Using this down-loader tool works!

There you go, an abundant mindset :slight_smile:

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You watched it?

Nope, my plate is already abundantly full so I cannot add anything to it :slight_smile:


MojoJojo, are you still here? I really need help downloading this video and others like it. I have tried your directions but I do not understand a couple of terms. Thanks for your help.

Here are my directions on how to download those videos with ease:

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The easiest method is really what @bwbalazs mentioned. It’s almost 100% foolproof, and works on almost any website or streaming service (almost!). It sounds a little complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really really simple!

For example, for the video @MrSterling posted, I just had to right click it, then select “inspect” and I got the video link in less than 10s:


Hmm really that works thank u for the knowledge

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There is a very easy way for downloading private Vimeo video as long as you know the URL and the password.

Open the following page

Then paste the URL and enter the password required to access the video. Complete captcha challenge and click on the Fetch Video button.

If successful, you should get videos in multiple resolutions. Just click download on the video you want to store on your device.

I use this

I create it: