Downloading private Vimeo videos

thank you! this is very helpful!

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thanks for the chrome extension. It works well.

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Thanks a ton :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks!

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I get only this: Ja injetado em 1 video player(s)
And nothing happens:frowning:

Hover your mouse over the video and in the right corner you see!

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thanks, that works well

a little addition, if the web-server answer to you “access denied” check your url, that need to contain a full request, like that:

Awesome that worked, thanks!

Can you share how you get this URL ?

I click the extension icon on the page with embedded private video and it says - Ja injetado em 3 video player(s) … But when I hover inside the video box, I see nothing anywhere…
Any tips ?

send a print to be able to analyze please!

this is the link I’m trying to download… The first time I click on the extension, it says “Nao injetou”. But, when I click again, it says “Ja injetado em 1 video player(s)”, but I can’t see the buttons to click on, to download the video… I’m logged into my Vimeo account, but that doesn’t seem to matter… As for the password to it, I don’t have it.

Hi, thank you for posting this review. Unfortunately, it is not working on my side i don’t know what happened, that is why i chose to search for more tool that I can use to download private Vimeo videos. Luckily, I found the Acethinker Video Keeper, this tool really helps me a lot because I grab multiple private Vimeo videos without affecting its original quality.

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Thank you, you have helped me alot

hello. i do follow your steps. But it is still " Access Denied

You don’t have permission to access on this server.

Reference #18.2d88fe79.1610626616.e288eae2


I use Allavsoft to download online videos and music from vimeo, youtube, spotify, twitter, facebook etc.
Simply copy and paste the video or music url to Allavsoft and click Download button.
To download vimeo private video, here is the step by step guide:
The rule for downloading password needed video is add #video-password=yourpassword after the video url.

Thank you @bwbalazs , very clear and easy.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP it works for me