Drive traffic to legit blog

Do you think it’s possible to drive a good amount of traffic to a legit blog?

My goal it’s 25k sessions / month but it’s ok to building with the time and with my main legit social pages. I have a limited amount of accounts should I change social network?

When you change to a new (for you unknown) traffic platform you lose all you existing knowledge . Such changes should only be done if you leave the sinking ship since you lose assets (knowledge)

Why do you only have a limited amount of accounts ?

Are you converting traffic into sales on your page ?

^ If not , why would you want to drive more traffic before getting actually sales ?

^ If yes , why are your funds limited ? In IM you get your investment back really fast .

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Yeah I limited budget but I don’t think I’ll get back fast… I’m building a legit blog and later monetize with Adsense (but I still don’t have the account).

If I want 25k visitors and right now I get something like 4 for account / day I need something like 220 accounts… it’s outside my possibilities. I’d like to increase my clicks / account. I tried using stories and posts but nothing changed. I have an account near 10k than I’ll try to link Facebook and promote with the swipe up. It’s my last shot.

What social accounts are you using? I see a lot of people making the mistake of thinking having a killer IG or FB with lots of likes is going to drive traffic to a blog. There are lots of ways to get traffic and I can tell you that’s not it.

Learn to mention yourself on Reddit
Use Flipboard, medium, quora, stumble upon.

Even in a tough niche I was hitting those numbers. If I could do it before MP social came along, so can you!

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Ok thank you I’ll look forward to these ones! But these have nothing to do with massplanner Right?

Nope nothing to do with it at all. I was doing it manually, but for many of them you can get custom bots made and that will save you a lot of time. It’s still possible to do over coffee each day though.

As with all things, content and killer content/copywriting is what is going to drive traffic and conversions.

There’s no shortage of promotional channels out there, you just need to find the ones that you can automate, master, or that produce results.

Don’t forget SEO and backlink building. Hell, even though they say Wikipedia is no follow, I got a lot of traffic for a very minor addition to one.

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Yeah of course! But I thinks that from 10k followers I could got something like 50 clicks (if I post a story)… At these point I could invest into link building and get organic traffic.