Dropshipping + Adwords


Hi MPSocial People,

I have been using Adwords since very long, and I have found a really good exploit of adwords that make me get numerous clicks easily in free.

I contacted OGAds for their product offers, but I saw the landing pages of the so called product offers are whole website, where as when my traffic reaches their website it can go to other pages and buy that stuff too!
AND due to that I might loose conversions.

So, when I saw what products they promoted , it was easy to get the in the market and get them drop shipped easily!

1 - Do you know any wordpress themes that allow me to promote one product only?
Because that will make me convert more in the early phases.

Secondly my accounts at adwords run just for one day, but I’m able to drive about 6000 - 7000 clicks targeted

2 - Help me with Targeting, ( I know you people have promoted products in Instagram and IG has this so good analytics that tell us everything about our customers )
I’m targeting females, and my PRODUCT is Black Head Mask.

3 - Tell me products and you use your gateway or website, I can drive traffic there too. But I need products that convert.

I need money asap, its for some work that I need to get done!

High end VPS or dedicated server class for dropshipping website

Hello there,
I’m using shopify + Facebook ads
If so, I hope to add you as a friend, can you?
think you


Ya add me on skype.