Dropshipping from Amazon to Ebay


So I’ve been creating listings from Amazon to put on eBay I have about 40 listings on eBay right now, I’m trying to have at least 200-400 listings so I can feel secure of have constant buys
I know that’s not the case and that the products have to be sellable.
Every morning I sitdown and I post about 5-10 products on eBay , I’ve gotten couple of sales .
But I still feel like I’m doing something wrong.
People say they sell from eBay to amazon , but I just don’t know how they do that when everything on eBay cost more then Amazon.


You are doing it wrong. Make your own website on Shopify and start dropshipping from Aliexpress.


How will people buy from it , would I have to post ads ?


In my country you need to register a firm to do that. May I ask where are you from?


Yes, by paying Instagram influencers or running fb ads. Go on youtube and check out 10-20 videos about dropshipping. Search for “aliexpress dropshipping” , “dropshipping choosing a niche”, “dropshipping facebook ads”. It’s all free information out there.


You don’t need a firm to dropship… You just need debit/credit card to pay for shopify ($30 monthly). You are selling worldwide, not in your country, the only thing you need to care about is taxes.