Dropshipping in 2019


Hey everyone,

I am looking to start diversifying as I have always wanted to start an online store. The thing is, I do not know if I want to actually drop ship, or have my garage as a fulfillment center. Right now, I am doing fulfillment for my good friend who is running an actual store online for phone car mounts, and knock on wood, it is fairly successful. I want to do this but I want to run the whole store, just do not know where to get started. I would look at YouTube videos but do you think drop shipping is considered over saturated right now? Or do you think it has died down a bit?

For the store, I know how to entire shipping process works. My thing is if im going to sell a product, I do not mind filling the orders, as I would also want to make an actual brand out of the product I am selling, with custom packaging, etc.

Where should I start? What are your thoughts? Thank you in advance!


Drop shipping works but in order to build a brand that customers will come back too, I think its important to have nice packaging and FAST shipping.


How can you write that something is a lot?
If I were to think so then the next stores, whether food or clothing would not open, because they would say that there is already a lot: D And there would be a monopoly on services.
There is always a place for you :slight_smile:
It depends on whether you are good at it or you will learn and learn every day and after some time you will overtake other people and become better.
Remember that 80% of people in a given business are not growing if it already reaches a certain amount of fixed earned amount.
They stay in their comfort zone and no longer gain new knowledge and experience.
Therefore, if you learn and learn, after some time you will overtake the 80% and earn more from them :slight_smile:
Just watch out for the COMFORT ZONE :slight_smile:


Which is what my friend’s company has because of me. I get his products, print out labels, get nice packaging, and ship out fast.


Check out Gabriel St Germain and KingCom on YT.


I also recommend Gabriel.
Start out with dropshipping, test different products. When you get traction, try to build a brand out of it.
Dropshipping = short term
Brand = long term