Dropshipping with IG Accounts

Hello guys,

I am about to start using IG accts to market my ecom shop. Just want to know if you have got any tips to increase traffic and sales? Tried to search the boards but could not find any.

Thank you!

Then try again;)

So many topics that are related to that.



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Thanks. Just wanna know if the other guys wanna chime in.

They will.

But asking this kind of open questions feels like a bit of want to be spoonfed.

If you going to do some research and ask some detailed questions, you will find how great and helpfull this forum will be!


Traffic : IG Automation ( target the right niche who you think able to spend money on your products and have interest in your products ( best way would be Commentors & likers of your Competitors posts not just followers )

Sales : depends on many factors ( Site looks and feel - prices - items - Shipping time - Support turnaround time - Payments methods - Testimonials )

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Mother slave may works good but need times, efforts and experience. if you have no experience on these you won’t be able ( you probably won’t have time anyways since you’re running an ecommerce). Maybe start really small with some accounts.

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Thank you for the reply guys. Just wanna share this good news https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2019-03-19/shopify-falls-as-rbc-sees-payments-pinch-from-instagram-checkout

Looks like Insta is going full ecom. Cant wait! This will definitely increase conversions and reduce overhead cost!

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Yep this is huge for Instagram e-commerce.

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Looking to see the rules to be able to sell through IG

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